Digital 4 Wheel Lock Box


SKU: D4WL0001


Digital 4 Wheel Lock Box (Re-settable 4-Numbered Combination)

Great unit can be locked to gates, fences, door knobs, tow knobs, lease properties as spare key central. you name it. Outstanding for locking car key away for beach, water sports ventures.

Factory Preset for the lock box is 0-0-0-0

Instruction and How to reset:

1. Preset code in place 0-0-0-0, Push down on the silver button to open box.
2. Tilt the lid towards you while holding down the silver button to open box.
3. Turn lid over and push silver switch down and to the right ( Follow Arrow ) to place in the reset position.
4. Turn numbered wheels on front to the desired code, verify the desired code is correct and release set switch by pushing left and up on switch.
5. The new code should now be set.
6. To lock the shackle onto door knob. Push the silver pin inside (Hole At The Bottom) the box to the right and hole. This will allow you to release the shackle.
7. Place the shackle over the door knob. Push and hold the silver pin to the right and depress the shackle firmly into the hold and release, the silver pin to lock the shackle in place. Test the shackle to insure it is locked, If it does not lock REPEAT step 7.
8. Insert keys into the Lock box, close lid. Spin the wheel to lock box into place.
9. And you’re SET.