Fish Porter Carry Bag 50 x 30 – 10PK


Flat Pack Size 50cm x 30cm

Pack of 10

Custom Design Fish Transporter Bags, Heavy Duty Type. Specially design bag suits most extreme fishes for their comfort while traveling. The tube design for a impregnable strength. Allowing a spacious level of oxygen and water to be confined evenly in the tube. This allow a spacious amount of room for the fish. Benefits of this bag, simple to use, bag does not collapse on live stock. All area space of the bags are used, either as air pocket or water filled. This bag can withstanding most punctures with .05 thickness Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheeting Liner. No hassle fitting into foam box as each bag size is made to sit perfectly into selected box standards.

Perfect For all types of Fishes:
Large Goldfish, Ornamental Fishes, Pup rays, hybrids

Bags can be used for both: Saltwater & Freshwater

Designed with Environment Friendly Materials Natural Synthetic, PET

Caution: Keep away from heated source or fire.

Direction: Immerse bag in water content / fish tank, open bag and capture content.

Seal bag immerse in water out, proceed with 020 oxygen as directed.

Overall Immerse / Inflated Dimension Size: 47cm x 32cm x 26cm

Feed-able to Transport foam box size 50cm x 40cm x 30cm

( Bulk Special “FREE MANUAL HAND SEALER” batteries not included )

Video Instruction in Progress “Coming Soon”

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Dimensions 47 × 32 × 26 cm